Saturday, August 18, 2012

Party Institutes Stricter Action Against Thought Criminals

Today, the Party is starting to take stronger measures against crimethinkers. Under the new measures, the Party is finally able to demand business records, call logs, and other important information from terroristic crimethinkers who wish to cause harm to this great nation of Oceania. Already, seven agents of Goldstein have been captured under this policy, and a rocket bomb attack against civilians in Ocenia by the militia group "al Qaeda," an organization that represents our foe in the eternal war against terror, has been averted.

Unfortunately, there are numerous thought criminals who maintain that this gives the Party too much power. Such people are foolish oldthinkers. We're living in post-9/11 days, and it is unacceptable to cling to the decadent ways of the past, trying to live in the days before the glorious day the twin towers fell. So far, the largest group of thought criminals working to oppose this common-sense security measure are the "liberals," actually a front group for the Enemy of the People, Emmanuel Goldstein. The evil crimethinking "liberals" believe that the Party should be limited, crippled, and unable to protect the people from our eternal enemies of terrorism, their employees in Al Qaeda, and the crimethinkers at home who hope to murder babies through abortion and corrupt our children with sexcrimes such as homosexuality and fornication. Fortunately, the protective guidance of our Big Brother, Barack Obama and his loyal citizens in the Party were able to win a glorious victory and achieve greater protections for the people to be provided by the Party.

The new legislation passed grants our Big Brother the power to collect intelligence on any citizens in Oceania. This means that agents of our vile enemies, the terrorists, or the minions of the traitor Goldstein can be discovered and exposed with no barriers. Oldthinkers trying to cripple our defense and leave Oceania vulnerable to attack often try to squirm away from the light of reason by claiming they preserve "freedom." This is an antiquated idea. Freedom is slavery; a "free" individual will die in a matter of decades. Only by becoming a part of the eternal Party will you be truly free of death and want. The same oldthinkers may try to convince you that you will be arrested, but this is a vile deception. Only traitors and crimethinkers are arrested. The Party would never cause harm to the innocent! As long as you practice crimestop and keep your thoughts pure, you have no need to worry.

The new legislation also removed a roadblock from the Party's ability to protect the citizens of Oceania. Until now, the courts were able to prevent Big Brother from gathering the information he needed to stop crimethinkers and traitors in their tracks. The courts are run by oldthinking activist judges - most of whom are crimethinkers - who would like nothing more than to see our great nation destroyed. By preventing them from standing in the way of weeding out traitors and crimethinkers, he has performed an amazing feat that will keep Oceania safe from all attacks and disasters in the future.

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