Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome To The New Blog of the Ministry of Truth

Unfortunately, a lot of heretical information is available on the Internet. As such, the Ministry of Truth has decided to start a blog in order to guide the lowly proles to the correct sources of information. Over time, we will provide accurate and goodthinkful news about politics, economics, and life in this great nation. Although some Newspeak posts will be written for Outer Party members, the majority of this blog will be written in Oldspeak for the benefit of the proles who may not have access to the telescreens.

To begin, our Dear Leader, Barack Obama has guided our great nation to another glorious victory against the evil forces of terrorism. I am authorized to say that the war is now within measurable distance of its end. At home, economic conditions have improved due to the success of the lenient treatment of big banks and Inner Party members, and the national debt has decreased over 50% to a current total of less than fourteen trillion dollars. At present, outbreaks of disease are 25% lower than at the start of this year, and the standard of living has risen by no less than 15% over the last twelve months.

Unfortunately, the recent prosperity that the Party has been enjoying is being threatened by a traitorous upstart named Edward Snowden. Darker days lie ahead as he attempts to take control of Oceania. Despite his apparent victory, however, the Party will benefit as his attempt to take control will only demonstrate that Goldsteinists and liberals are not to be trusted.

We ask all citizens to be vigilant. If you see any suspicious activity, please report it to the nearest office of the Thought Police.

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