Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hate Week, Day 1

Just six days from now, we will be gathering to mourn the deaths of thousands of Oceanian citizens who were brutally murdered by our eternal enemies, the terrorists. The attack was unprovoked and impossible to predict. For that very reason, this week - the week leading up to the aniversery of that atrocity is Hate Week. Blog updates during Hate Week will be sparse, as it is presumed that all citizens of Oceania, especially Party members, will be attending demonstrations and calling for a new surge in the war against the terrorists. However, Hate Week will culminate in a tremendous nation-wide demonstration, at which tens of thousands of terrorists will be executed at our elite army's main base in Guantanamo Bay. On that day, a copy of Big Brother's Order of the Day will be placed on this blog for the first time.

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