Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lottery Winner

Yesterday, the Ministry of Plenty announced the winners from last week's lottery, but some prizes remain uncollected! These are the winners of last week's lottery.


Martin P. Dance— $10,000,000

Additional Prizes:

Leslie Q. Perkinson— $1,000,000
Bruce Z. Pattermar— $1,000,000
Carmen D. Galener— $100,000
Randolph K. Patterson— $100,000
Martin H. Lancaster— $100,000

Small Prizes:

Nathan K. Panderson— $10
Walt J. Landers— $10
John P. Wight— $10
Mark L. Smith— $10
Alex N. Larson— $10
Jason D. Marron— $1
Adam R. German— $1
Carol F. Aaron— $1
Patricia L. Brown— $1

Two additional small prizes have already been claimed. Winning tickets can be redeemed at the Ministry of Plenty and some Party shops.

Winning ticket must be presented to receive prize. All winners subject to validation. Members of the Party are prohibited from entering the Lottery.

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