Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Glorious Victory

During the past night while everyone slept, our brave soldiers fighting the war against our eternal enemies, the terrorists, have won yet another glorious victory! They successfully destroyed yet another band of terrorists, thus bringing the war one step closer to an end. In this battle, however, they captured several key leaders of the terrorist insurgency. With these key leaders under Oceania's control, we will be able to completely rout the enemy. Interrogations have already uncovered several key weapons deposits and safehouses used by the terrorists, and we may very well be able to breach their security and capture the head of the terrorist movement within the next few years.

In order to celebrate this tremendous victory, the medical care ration will be increased effective January 1, 2014. Although the Ministry of Plenty had not scheduled any increase in the medical care ration before January of 2018, the Party has decided that an unplanned celebration was in order as a response to this wonderful news.

More important than the increased medical care ration, however, is the fact that the war is now within measurable distance of its end. Unfortunately, despite scoring this glorious victory against the evil terrorists, our mission is not yet accomplished. In any case, we fully expect to have every last one of our brave soldiers home in time for the festivities on December 31st, 2014.

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