Tuesday, October 16, 2012


All of us are loyal citizens of Oceania, pure in thought, word, and deed. We embrace the principles of AmCap and venerate our leader Big Brother by all of the names he is known. Today, however, we will be looking at a topic far less palatable. It is an area that is disgusting and far too unpleasant to discuss frequently, but it is useful to know at least a little bit about it. The topic in question involves the vile and perverted beliefs of our eternal enemies, the barbarians and thugs on the left.

Oceania is successful, peaceful, wealthy, and prosperous because its citizens live according to the principles of AmCap. AmCap predates the ideology of our eternal enemies on the left by quite some time; in fact, the vile ideology of the brutish ruffians on the left is a perversion of AmCap itself; twisted and mutated into a disgusting and distorted mockery of what it once was by the very worst traitor, Emmanuel Goldstein. Although there are many traitors and thought criminals, some of them guilty of hundreds or even thousands of murders, Emmanuel Goldstein is recognized as by far the worst for this very reason— it was he who initially corrupted the principles of AmCap in this fashion to produce the vile and disgusting beliefs held by the terrorists today and the liberals who support them.

The evil ideology held by our eternal enemies on the left and the traitors who support them is called liberalism. If you hear the word "liberalism" fall from anybody's lips without mockery, scorn, disgust, fear, and loathing, then that person is either a fool or a thought criminal and should be reported to the thought police as a precaution. Please note that some proles still use the archaic words for beliefs and principles; thought criminals or enemy spies may try to avoid detection by disguising themselves as proles and using the archaic words. Even the most ignorant of proles can tell that this ideology is pure evil, but some members of the Outer Party may be unfamiliar with the archaic terms and thus fail to recognize when liberalism is discussed.

Please note that the archaic term for AmCap is American Capitalism and the archaic term for liberalism is "progressivism" or "welfare." If the former is mentioned with scorn, hate, disgust or fear or the latter is mentioned without, please contact the thought police at the next possible opportunity.

The ideology of liberalism is too disgusting to describe in detail. It involves support for the barbarians who wish to harm us, venerates the lazy while punishing the productive, and demands the suppression of all needs and desires to the supremacy of the State. Liberalism holds that men can marry any number of women they want (or even other men), and that both men and women will be rewarded for killing both themselves and people who don't subscribe to their perverted ideology. Above all, liberalism requires a cult-like worship of a particularly short and vile little woman named Elizabeth Warren. This worship of Elizabeth Warren leads the fanatical liberals and traitors to take great offense to any criticism of Elizabeth Warren.

Naturally, this is a subject that makes people uncomfortable (as it should), but it is a subject important to discuss because knowledge of the enemy is a good thing. Although our soldiers are doing a very good job of destroying the liberal menace, it helps if civilians in Oceania's cities and countryside are prepared to defend our country and uncover traitors, terrorists, and spies hidden in our midst. Knowledge of the disgusting ideology that motivates our enemies is useful to that end.

Here are some tips to discover traitors and terrorists hidden among us:

-Since liberalism requires worship of the disgusting woman known as Elizabeth Warren, criticism of this woman will enrage left-wing terrorists. Thus, criticism of Elizabeth Warren can be used as an instrument to distinguish between loyal citizens and terrorists.

-The complicated rules of liberalism require that laziness be celebrated and productivity be punished, that men must marry other men (or little children, which is essentially the same thing), and women must kill any babies they accidentally conceive. While men who marry women may seem innocent, this is a common disguise among liberals. A more reliable test would be to ask the suspected liberal to sign a petition asking for the government to provide welfare to the lazy.

-The absurd rules of liberalism bar any form of initiative or investment in anything productive, yet they require liberals to talk about "hypocrisy." A person who is properly loyal to AmCap would never speak of hypocrisy regarding AmCap values the way liberals are known to.

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