Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hate Week, Day 5

Remember what happened on September 11th, 2001? Only a few days from now, we will be mourning the loss of those thousands of innocent Oceanic civilians who were killed by our eternal enemies, the terrorists. Yet, there are still people in Oceania who believe that we should not fight back. Even here in America, the best of all the Oceanic provinces, where the attack itself occured, people believe we should do nothing about it; that we should appease those who did it and would do it again. Even when our traditional allies in Eurasia were attacked by the terrorists, and even when Oceania itself sustained another attack in the largest city in the province of Airstrip One, these same people refuse to fight back.

Who are they? Who are these filthy cowards who would love nothing more than to see Oceania attacked again? They go by many names; liberals, terrorists, abortionists, feminists, atheists. Yet despite their many names, they all share loyalty to the worst traitor of all, Emmanuel Goldstein. When we were attacked, we fought back as hard as we could, invading Afghanistan and destroying Osama bin Laden, the terrorist mastermind who engineered the attacks against us on September 11th and was developing weapons of mass destruction to use against us in an even more deadly attack. Now, the liberals want us to leave Afghanistan; to cut and run and leave the job unfinished. This is not only cowardly, it is treason!

Thousands of Oceanians died on September 11th. Are we going to let the disgusting terrorists and their liberal puppet representatives cripple our ability to fight back?

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Sarah said...

Basically, I just found your blog via a friend of mine, probably using Stumble. I love you. 1984 is one of my favourite books, and I admire all those who have applied its concepts so fully to today's life in America--gads, how I have. Kudos.