Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hate Week Finale

Just seven short years ago, we were attacked. The filthy murdering terrorists toppled our proud towers and murdered thousands of innocent Oceanian civilians. It is clear that the terrorists are brutal and uncivilized barbarians, and their atrocities must be stopped. If we are to merely survive, we cannot allow a single terrorist to remain alive, since every single man, woman, and even child Muslim is a disgusting terrorist hell bent on destroying our glorious nation of Oceania and everything she stands for. Afghanistan is a murdering rogue nation, and the entire world will be better when they have been destroyed. They have attacked us on this very day, eleven years ago. They have attacked unarmed civilians here in Oceania itself! They have also brutally murdered Oceanian citizens with bombs in the province of Airstrip One, and they have launched many similar attacks against our traditional allies in Eurasia. This terrorist nation would kill us all if they could, and we must wipe them from the face of the Earth before they can!

Yet, despite the clear menace of the terrorist nation of Afghanistan, there are defeatists and traitors in this country who wish to leave them free to kill again! Oceania's purity has been contaminated by these disgusting perverted traitors— disgusting subhumans who call themselves "liberals" while swearing loyalty oaths to the worst traitor of them all, Emmanuel Goldstein. These disgusting "liberals" are all traitors, down to the last one of them, as they wish to see Oceania destroyed by the evil terrorists in Afghanistan. Even as we are on the verge of defeating the disgusting, bestial demons in Afghanistan, they deny that we are winning, insisting that we are losing or have even lost the war, not because we are actually anywhere near losing but because they wish we would lose. It is unthinkable that anyone in Oceania could sympathize with the disgusting thugs in Afghanistan, especially after they attacked us on September 11th, but the liberals do just that.

Don't be deceived by Goldstein or the liberals who work for him. Afghanistan is a rogue terrorist state and the Muslim people are brutish madmen who have killed Oceanian citizens before exactly six years ago, and will do it again. If anyone even suggests that we should so much as consider granting any mercy to any Iraqis for any reason, just remember this:

There is no answer to that except a call to arms. No one who has seen that could come to any conclusion other than the fact that the terrorists must be completely destroyed at any cost. That's what they did, and that's what they hope to do again. That is why we fight.

Today is the anniversary of that horrible attack, and in memory of the innocent and unarmed Oceanian citizens who were killed that day, we will hold a memorial service at the site of the twin towers that were destroyed by the attack. Several hours before the ceremony was scheduled to begin, Big Brother released his Order of the Day, which will appear on this blog for the first time.

On this day, we have gathered to show our resolve. We have chosen to be strong, not weak. We have chosen to fight the war against our eternal enemies, the terrorists until we are victorious and the job is done. But is that all? Do we have nothing to show but our resolve? The answer is most certainly "no." We are not merely fighting in Afghanistan, we are winning. Recent reports prove that our war efforts were successful and the war is within measurable distance of its end. Yet, there are still defeatists who deny Oceania's power and success. Are we going to let them stop us now? Of course not. For that reason, the Order of the Day is to rally not only for your country, but against the defeatists who want us to lose our fight against terror. Rally! Protest! Stop them!

We must never give up. We will fight the terrorists until we win. We must not let the terrorists or the liberal traitors at home stop us. To victory!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the majority of what you have said. While ordinarily I do not advocate hurting innocent people we have time and time again seen that political pressure, and the mere will to survive of the Iraqi people has made them too become future aggressors against the US and our allies. I believe that people in Iraq who would not normally hurt us are pressured by those who hate us do things like suicide bombings and other acts of violence against our wonderful people. So in order to stop future violence against us, blow the F**k out of Iraq, and Afganistan!!!!!!